Monday, September 13, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

I've spent years thinking about something to write. The reason I've haven't up until now is the accountability of the written word. People hold the written word higher than what is spoken. Mainly because of its ability to last. Our words are soon forgotten or twisted in our memories to fit what our minds can handle or comprehend. It is easy to say that we changed our mind. But, the written word lasts for generations and never changes, what we thought or said on paper in the past remains the same as it is looked upon today.

With this post I want to establish the thought pattern for my writings.
  1. The purpose of this blog is not for writing ramblings it is to express thoughts to a broader audience than my mouth alone can reach.
  2. Everything will be checked with scripture(The Holy Bible) and prayer.
  3.  I will clearly express something as my opinion vs. established truth when necessary.

Now, my content will try to remain pure to honoring our Lord Jesus Christ and speaking truth in an ever darkening world. Any posts not adhering to these principles will be deleted.
My first post with content will be about God &Government: Where is the Line for Sacred vs. Secular?